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Pub in Victoria, British Columbia

The Bird Pub


Founded in March of 1991, the Bird of Paradise Pub is situated in South Saanich in a 1914 built farm house located at 4291 Glanford Ave. The old farm house was renovated to accommodate the Pub and later the Bird Liquor Store. The Bird of Paradise was a theme Pub with it's decor reflecting the colors and textures of the American Southwest. It was also home to some giant cactus and other exotic greenery. There was also a 400 gallon marine aquarium featured within the Pub. The Pub was located on the main floor of the the old farm house and the lower level was home to the Bird Liquor Store and Goodfellas Cigar Shop.

For 22 years the Bird of Paradise occupied the main floor of the old farm house and enjoyed great business success. As time went on though, it became apparent that the area being used by the Pub was too large and no longer sustainable. On the other hand, the Bird Liquor Store space was too small and the Liquor Store desperately needed to grow. At that time the decision was made trade place with Pub and Liquor Store.

In 2014 the Bird of Paradise Pub was close. This was done in order to renovate the space occupied by the Pub to be replace by the Bird Liquor Store. The renovations took approximately one year and in 2015 the Bird Liquor Store was relocate to the main floor of the building which was previously home to the Bird of Paradise Pub. After a short break, the renovations commenced on the lower level of the Old House to make home for the new Bird of Paradise Pub. The location within the building for the new Pub and the theme being one of a more industrial look, it was decided to drop the word Paradise and so the new Pub became known as The Bird Pub. The new location and theme has proven to be very desirable to those who have been enjoying it. It is very cozy and inviting and lends itself well to have stranger meet and mingle. The Bird Pub feature 10 beers on tap and a full back bar. There is also a great selection of bottle beers, as well as ciders and cooler. The Pub also offers a good selection of wines by the glass or by the bottle.

The space which was previously home to Goodfellas Cigar Shop, has been turned into a Micro Espresso Bar, featuring all the popular espresso drinks and treats as well as a selection of food items. The Bird of Paradise Pub has been a good corporate citizen in the Royal Oak area of Saanich for 31 years and is a cherished and valuable piece of the fabric of the neighborhood in which it resides